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A Special Note from George Wakeling

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For years we have tried, first to buy the land for the La Fuente Church and after several attempts we succeeded and for the past few years have had a very successful church for Spanish and English speaking believers. Then we tried for over a year to get the permit to build a permanent structure. We finally were granted the permit, but just for phase one they wanted $5,000.00 USD for the permit . Pastor Keith tried to meet with the Nayarit President to reduce that amount but it didn’t happen. So today we will have to pay the $5,000 USD and we will begin to build Phase 1 of the Community Center where will have church and do much, much more for the community.

Construction will begin on Phase One in January and the day we leave( MAY 17) from our next mission trip there the “KIDS AROUND THE WORLD “ ministry will bring 30 people from Florida and they build a large playground on the front of our property. For those that have prayed with us and helped us financially thank you from COC and La Fuente.

Any help you can give us with this church plant is greatly appreciated.

Happy 2010 to you all,

Pastor George and Betty Wakeling

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