Sunday, May 29, 2016

About Circle Of Concern


The Circle of Concern was founded by George and Betty Wakeling. George was awarded a Presidential Citation by President George Bush for devoting over 30 years in helping nonprofit organizations. Among his accomplishments are the key role he played in developing such successful organizations as Orange County Teen Challenge, the Hot-Line Center and Concept 7.


The Circle of Concern is not your ordinary charitable organization. We seek out small, struggling charities and help them grow and flourish by providing administrative support and advice, networking contacts, financial support or connections. We endeavor to help those who are in the business of helping others.
We also provide opportunities for individuals who want to experience “hands-on” ministry by organizing and sponsoring affordable trips to orphanages (in cooperation with the Foundation For His Ministry). Circle of Concern brings physicians, optometrists, dentists, construction teams and children’s activities into destitute communities.


The Circle of Concern is always connected to organizations in need. Our website is updated on a regular basis. There are ever-changing immediate needs for human and economic resources. Our website is a great place to check out our upcoming trips…plan to come minister with our team!


The Circle of Concern is headquartered in San Clemente, California. We have specific outreaches in Orange County, including aid to single moms, widows, and their children. We have the discretion to help individuals: a hungry child, a frightened and homeless pregnant girl, someone who needs a jacket to stay warm at night. The kind of people whose problems are “too small” for most groups.

How YOU can make a difference…

Most of us would like to help others but, somehow there never seems to be enough time. So we do nothing. And feel guilty.
When you give to Circle of Concern, every dollar you donate is magnified by the men and women who put your dollars to work.  Circle of Concern is a 501(c)3 organization and we will send you a tax receipt for all donations.
Your donation can take many forms…not just cash, check, or credit card.  We can accept used household items, furniture, toys, books, shoes and clothing at our thrift store. For Circle of Concern Thrift Store pick ups, call 1.800.499.5121. Our truck makes weekly pick ups in most Orange County cities.
You can donate a vehicle (car, truck, boat, R.V., camper) through our “Cars of Care” program. We also accept donations of stock and real estate.  (Consult your tax advisor for specific tax advantages.)
You can also support Circle of Concern by assigning your United Way contributions to us.

Circle of Concern Officers:
Chad Fitzgerald, President
Eric Wakeling, Vice President
George Wakeling, C.E.O.
Heather Spraker, Secretary/Treasurer
Thersa Fitzgerald
George Spraker
Chris Marshall

Office Personnel:
Carol DeGraff

PO Box 636, San Clemente, CA 92674-0636
Tel. 949.388.6400
Fax 949.388.7152
E-mail at:

For Thrift Store pick up, call: