Thursday, May 26, 2016

Links and Friends

Kids Around the
Kids Around the World has completed over 100 playground projects in 25 countries with locations ranging from the United States to Indonesia, Guatemala, and Kyrgyzstan.  The faith-based, non-profit organization focuses on areas where, because of poverty, war, or natural disasters, many children don’t have the chance to experience the joy that comes with just acting like a kid.

Kids Around the World needs VOLUNTEERS. To learn more about contributing financially or donating your time as a volunteer on a Kids Around the World playground project, visit

La Fuente Ministries –
La Fuente Ministries plants vibrant, dynamic, cutting edge churches in central Mexico.  La Fuente receives a variety of short term mission teams year round.  Click here for more information about La Fuente Ministries and short term mission opportunities.

Foundation for His Ministry (FFHM)
Foundation for His Ministry is a Christian mission whose purpose is to meet the spiritual, physical and educational needs of the children and the poor of Baja and the Mexico Mainland. FFHM seeks to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ and to demonstrate God’s love through the power of the Holy Spirit by meeting basic spiritual, physical and educational needs of those in Mexico and beyond.

Home Word
Home Word is an organization with a passion for communicating to young people and adults practical truths to help them live their Christian lives. Highly respected for his expertise in the area of youth ministry, family, and parenting issues, founder Jim Burns speaks to thousands of young people, parents, and youth workers around the world each year. He is known for addressing the issues of parenting and youth culture with sensitivity, grace, and humor. The Home Word website provides valuable resources for students, parents, and youth workers.

A group of Christian believers that are passionate about doing our part to see God glorified in all nations. For over a decade we have been facilitating long-term works in countries like Mexico, Honduras, and Costa Rica. Our missions strategy is fueled by the creative passions that God has given to our staff and ministry partners. Surfing, business, drama, music, fishing, sports, education, health care, church planting, and construction are just a taste of the limitless ideas that Alternative Missions has utilized to lead people into a deeper relationship with Christ.

Harvest Language School

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